Bulls for Sale

Bulls for Sale

The calves are pastured until mid-November when they are then brought in and fed a combination of rolled oats, forage and mineral. This helps mitigate any nutritional deficiencies and promotes longevity.

Our bulls are sold via private treaty. Any interested parties are welcome to view the pen mid-February and a price list is given out upon request. All bulls are guaranteed with a semen check at one year of age and generally delivered in mid-April.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued support.


PERF  BW: 96 | ADJ 205 WT: 801 | 205 WT: 790

EPD’s  CE: 7 | BW: -0.6 | WWT: 54 | YW: 106 | MILK: 19 | TM: 46

MXS Allegro 701T

MXS Crafstman 910 W

MXS Espeon 122L

SIRE: MXS Aztec 534C

CJC Big Sky X632

MXS Maude 284Z

MXS Maude 84X

LT Ledger 0332 P

ZWB Pleasantdawnledger 34B

ZWB Pleasantdawnledger 34B

SIRE: Pleasant Dawn Darla 61D

Eatons Big Bud 10402 P

Pleasant Dawn Bridget 41A

Pleasant Dawn Princess 41P

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